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논문 제목 [64] 이은강, 최협, 박준혁, 김명섭, 박수경, 이용우, 병진운동 자극에서의 HMD 시간지연에 의한 멀미의 역치 고찰(Study on motion sickness threshold on HMD system latency in medial-lateral translation stimulus), 대한기계학회 2016년도 추계학술대회, 2016 

Virtual reality (VR) related products are newly rising on electronics and entertainment market. Head Mounted
Display (HMD) is one of the popular instrument to implement VR environment. However, HMD system has latency
which is time delay between user’s motion and display. One of the reason for Motion Sickness (MS) or Simulator
Sickness (SS) is known as sensory conflict and when there are more latency in HMD system, resultant sensory conflict
will be greater. Therefore HMD manufacturers pursue less latency as possible, but at some point, it costs too much and
if perceptional thresholds for latency exist, then amount of latency which is cost-efficient may exist too. Therefore in
this study, we measured degree of MS as latency increases, under medial-lateral (ML) direction stimulus to find
perceptional threshold of MS and SSQ (Simulator Sickness Questionnaire) was used to measure subjects’ MS/SS.
Experiment 1 was done with 8 healthy male subject. Firstly we measured HMD system’s latency and added extra time
delay to change latency condition from minimum to around 200 ms. Then sinusoidal motion stimulus with 0.25 Hz
frequency and 1.23 m/s^2 peak acceleration was applied. Experiment 2 was done with 5 healthy male subjects and
motion stimulus was changed to 0.32 Hz frequency and 2.0 m/s^2 acceleration, with ML movement in VR space is
doubled and latency range increased to 400 ms. First experiment’s result did now show any meaningful changes in MS,
but second experiment’s result had threshold-like increase in MS near 200~400 ms latency range. However, some
subject had very low MS and did not show any changes in MS during experiment. This result may imply that for those
are sensitive to MS, under ML directional motion stimulus, perceptional threshold exists around 200~400 ms latency.
Also, for those are not sensitive to MS, latency had less or no effect on MS.
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